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Institute of Modern Spanish Grammar Outline
Results of your placement test prior to your arrival, your language experience, and feedback from your teachers during your study program in Merida are means we use to place you in your classes. In addition we ask you to fill in the following form in order to ensure we form study groups correctly and to prepare your study materials. This list is a basic outline to give an idea.

  • Please mark “X” next to the grammar concepts you have studied and feel that you have mastered correct use.  When you mark an “X” you indicate that you feel no further study in this area is needed.
  • Please mark “R” next to the grammar concepts that you have studied; however, you do not feel that you have competently mastered.  When you write an “R” you indicate that you would like to REVIEW these concepts during your study program
  • Please mark “O” next to the grammar concepts that you have never studied, and, therefore, would like to study during your program in Merida.  When you write a “O” you indicate that you have no knowledge of these concepts.
Monday start date:
Nouns including number (singular and plural) and gender (masculine and feminine) and definate (el/la/los/las) and indefinate articles (un/una/unos/unas).
Present tense verbs—including irregular verbs such as dar, ser, conocer, etc. stem changing verbs such as poder, servir, etc.
Pronouns—demonstrative pronouns (ese/esa/esos/esas),  adjective pronouns (mi/mis/tu/tus/etc.), direct object pronous (lo/la/los/las), indirect object pronouns (le/les), reflexive pronouns (reflexive verbs).
Preterite (past) tense verbs—including irregular verbs such as dar, ser, conocer, etc. stem changing verbs such as poder, servir, etc.
Imperfect tense verbs (i.e. trabajaba, comia, bailaba, etc) including the difference in usage between preterite tense and imperfect tense.
Future and Conditional tenses (trabajará, comería, bailará, dormiría, etc.)
Uses of ser and estar (Spanish equivlent to ‘to be’ in English--soy vs. estoy, eres vs. estás)

Uses of por and para (Spanish equivalent to ‘for’ in English) such as por correo, para mi hermana, etc.
Past participles and compound tenses such as ha llegado, habia bailado, etc
Subjunctive mode including imperfect subjunctive and special uses of subjunctive.

Learn Spanish in Mexico
Study Spanish in Mexico
The Institute of Modern Spanish has served over 6,000 students since 1995.
Spanish school in Mexico
study Spanish in Mexico
Only Spanish school in Mérida with its own van
for student transport.

Learn Spanish in Merida
Learn Spanish in Yucatan
Institute of Modern Spanish facility includes swimming pool and wireless internet.
study Spanish abroad
Learn Spanish in Mexico
Opened year-round including Spring Break and Winter Vacations.
Start any Monday.
We offer special educational tours with airfare included for groups of all ages.
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Learn Spanish in Mexico

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