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Calle 15 #500B
X 16A y 18
Col. Maya
Local Telephone:
(999) 911-0790

Host family at ChristmasFamily Homestays:

In order to obtain the most benefits from our Integrated Language Learning Programs, we urge you to stay with local families selected by our institute for their willingness to welcome students into their homes.

With such families, you will be provided with a clean, private room and three delightful home-cooked meals daily. Safe water for drinking, warm water for bathing, clean sheets and bath towels will also be provided. Any special dietary needs--including vegetarian diets--will be met. This is an excellent opportunity to practice Spanish and experience the local culture firsthand. All host families are experienced in providing an invaluable source of both city orientation and conversation for students as well as an insiders view of customs and traditions.

Family homestays in MexicoInformation about your family including name, address, and telephone number will be available prior to your departure (approximately one week prior). We recommend you bring a small gift which is representative of your country or state for your host family to enjoy.

Family homestays in MexicoOur housing personnel maintains an extensive list of carefully selected host families, and choose the host family that will be the best match for each student—not only in physical accommodations, but also taking into consideration a student’s interests and preferences. We know what students want from a homestay experience, and can match students with the ideal host family arrangement.

Family homestays in MexicoHost families provide the Institute of Modern Spanish with the valuable service of airport pickup. The Institute of Modern Spanish provides each family with a welcome sign which has the Institute of Modern Spanish logo and the name of the student.

Family homestays in MexicoTransportation between host families' homes and the Institute of Modern Spanish is handled in various manners depending on the host family and the location of their home as well as the preference of the student.

  • Host families provide transportation
  • Home is in walking distance
  • Pick-up & drop-off in the Institute of Modern Spanish van
  • or, student takes a short public bus ride.

Family homestays in MexicoIn the case that the student will walk or take a public bus to and from the Institute of Modern Spanish, the host family will accompany the student on his/her first day.

Family homestays in MexicoLaundry businesses are numerous in host family neighborhoods. These businesses will wash and dry laundry at a fare rate per kilogram and will receive your drop-off in the morning and have it ready for pick-up in the afternoon.

Family homestays in MexicoSome students are apprehensive about living with a host family if they have never done so before.  Our testimonial video is great for those students.  Some apprehensions students have is that they will have limited privacy or that they won’t be able to come and go as they wish.  These worries need not keep someone from taking advantage of our homestay program.  The rooms in host families’ homes are more comfortable and private then a hotel room—some even have their own private balcony or study room in addition to their bedroom.  If you like, you can opt to upgrade to private-plus accommodations and have your own private bathroom as well—like a hotel room.  Host families provide students with a key to their home—just so the student can come and go as he/she wishes.  Host families will be able to provide you with directions and advice about where to go and what to do.  Their only request is that you notify them if you will miss a meal.

Student comments and photos of host families.

  • Housing is in the home of a local host family and includes three meals a day. Prices include a private room with optional to upgrade to a private room with its own private bathroom (limited availability). Students registering and travelling with their own roomate(s) receive a discount for sharing a room. See complete price list.
  • Approximate meal schedule (varies): Breakfast 8:00AM, Lunch 2:00PM, and Dinner 8:00PM. Students are asked notify the host family with reasonable anticipation when they will miss a meal. When a student will miss the afternoon meal due to a special activity or excursion, the host family will provide a sack lunch for the student. A student should provide one day advanced noticed.
  • The weekends before and after study at the Institute of Modern Spanish are included. Additional days include arriving the Friday or before or staying until the Monday after classes end on Friday. Each additional day of Shared Accommodations is US$20.00; each additional day of Private Accommodations is US$25.00; each additional day of Private Plus Accommodations is US$30.00 (limited availability).
  • Many of our host families accept children. Special rates for children are available and are listed on the families page.
Learn Spanish in Mexico
Study Spanish in Mexico
The Institute of Modern Spanish has served over 6,000 students since 1995.
Spanish school in Mexico
study Spanish in Mexico
Only Spanish school in Mérida with its own van
for student transport.

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Institute of Modern Spanish facility includes swimming pool and wireless internet.
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Learn Spanish in Mexico
Opened year-round including Spring Break and Winter Vacations.
Start any Monday.
We offer special educational tours with airfare included for groups of all ages.
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