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This flier provides information for people wishing to organize a group trip to Mérida, Yucatán, México. For over 10 years, we’ve hosted groups for learning and travel in the Yucatan. We’ve hosted families, college students (any major), high school students, church groups, service clubs, sports groups, social workers, ELL teachers, and retired peoples’ clubs. The best size a group is normally five-to-ten members.  Larger (& smaller) groups are welcomed. Read below and/or request more information click here.

Teens in Merida

Families in Merida

Group at Christmas

I have taken students from my Spanish classes to different Hispanic countries, including Costa Rica, Spain, Guatemala and Mexico. I find the Institute of Modern Spanish to be one of the best Spanish schools I ever worked with. The teachers, the families and the Ceron Family were wonderful with us. I highly recommend this school to anybody who wants to learn Spanish and also the culture of Yucatan, Mexico—one of the richest cultures in the world.”
--Roberto Mazariegos Spanish professor College of the Siskiyous Weed, California.

Why organize a group trip to Mérida, Yucatán, México?

  1. As a destination, Mérida, Yucatán, México can meet all your group’s expectation.
  2. Mérida, Yucatán, México has much to offer. Mérida is a city of approximately 700,000 people.
  3. Mérida is a cosmopolitan city providing any service you may need.
  4. This includes direct flights from the USA; regional and international restaurants; shopping malls, salsa dancing clubs, and high-tech hospitals.
  5. Mérida has a slow-paced ambiance— street vendors abound, family life is a priority, and children’s parks are’ abundant.
  6. Mérida, Yucatán, México has the lowest crime rate of any city its size in México or all of Latin America.
  7. Traveling to Mérida, Yucatán, México is economical and convenient.
  8. Direct flights arrive from the U.S. cities of Atlanta, Houston, and Miami.
    For Cancun arrivals and departures, group transportation can also be arranged

Map of Merida, Yucatan

Spanish studies in Merida A travel & study experience outside of the U.S. is important for every group member’s personal growth and volunteer opportunities are available.

Spanish studies in Merida Important Mayan ruins sites can be reached within a few hours from Mérida.

Spanish studies in Merida Quiet towns or pueblitos where rural and humble living conditions still exist can be reached within minutes.

Spanish studies in Merida One small town 20 minutes from Merida is the quaint port town of Progreso, Yucatan--an emergent cruise ship port as well.

“Everyone in my family had an excellent time (two parents and two pre-teens)—and the other families we met at the Institute of Modern Spanish were equally thrilled.  Not only were the Institute of Modern Spanish services professional, but they were offered in a truly friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”
--Marilyn Brender,  Denver, CO

Why select the Institute of Modern Spanish as your partner?

  1. The Institute of Modern Spanish is the oldest Spanish language school in Mérida.
  2. Our sheer experience—with host families, teachers, and other service providers in the Yucatán puts the Institute of Modern Spanish at the top.
  3. We are dedicated to making the best arrangements for each group—no exceptions, no surprises.
  4. We are only Spanish language school in Mérida to have its own van for student transportation.
  5. Our ability to make our own transportation arrangements gives us exceptional versatility, which students and groups enjoy.
  6. Our new facilities are air-conditioned; we have wireless Internet; our own swimming pool; and our instructors are all bilingual.

From pre-trip to return home, the Institute of Modern Spanish is dedicated to its students.  For more information about our Dedication to Customer Service please view our PDF brochure:

College Credit information which includes course descriptions and teacher qualifications is available at:

Children Spanish program Spanish in Merida Institute of Modern Spanish

I brought a group of 16 students from New Zealand for a two week stay with Miguel and the gang at the Institute of Modern Spanish. Miguel gave up much of his free time to organize excellent weekend tours and showed off the local cultural offerings with great pride. The families were fantastic and made the students feel very welcomed…a brilliant two weeks that has motivated a bunch of kiwis to further their studies in Spanish and has kick started their desire to see the world."
--Amy Houle, Waiuku College, New Zealand

For groups, the Institute of Modern Spanish organizes three types of programs at special group rates (airfare not included):

1) All Inclusive Program Packages. This packages includes full-day trips (to Mayan ruins, ecological reserves, cave exploration), cultural excursions (city tour, visits to small villages, museums, etc), family homestay (with meals) or hotel accommodations, Spanish classes (all levels), Mexican culture classes (in English, as needed), additional classes (salsa dancing classes, arts & crafts, cooking), and continuous on-site support including in-town transportation. Two week recommended minimum. Includes three-to-five full-day trips and four-to-six half-day trips—depending on group’s arrival and departure dates, as well as time students want to dedicate to classes. Price is based on groups of five or more at US$930.00/person for the two week package.

2) Tour Packages with full day trips and cultural excursions within the
Yucatan Peninsula. This package normally includes a hotel stay with arrival to and departure from Cancun. No classes. One week recommended minimum. Price based on groups of five or more at US$780.00/person.

3) Homestay & Classes: Family homestay housing (with meals) and Spanish language classes (all levels & ages). In this package, trips, excursions, and extra classes can be added at additional cost, as demand exists. One week recommended minimum.  Rates are approximately US$300.00/person/week.


Number of People in Group

All Inclusive
(One weeks)

All Inclusive
(Two weeks)

Tour Package
(One week)

Homestay & Classes only

3 or 4





5 to 9





10 or more





Volunteer work can be added on to any package at no extra charge.

Trips and Excursions available to “add-on” to Homestay & Classes only package are described in our excursions PDF brochure (for “add-ons” entrances & some meals are charged separately):

Cuzuma Cenotes Yucatan art classes at Institute of Modern Spanish Salsa classes


Trips and cultural excursions include:

  1. Celestún Beach and Wildlife Reserve (West of Mérida on the Gulf of Mexico) Excursion includes a guided speedboat to bird sanctuary and flamingos and cruise through natural mangroves where tourists see a fresh water spring amidst brackish saltwater. Have lunch at beach and save time for swimming in the refreshing waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Chichén Itzá is major archeological site East of Mérida. Famous for “El Castillo” ruin pictured in most Spanish textbooks. Professionally guided tour includes complete history.
  3. Dzibilchaltún an archeological site and Museum of the Mayan Pueblo are located just North of Mérida. Tour includes swimming in a cenote.
  4. Progreso is a small, but extremely diverse Gulfport town just North of Mérida. It is a major trans-Gulf port for commercial trade with the USA. The tour includes time for lunch and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, and for visiting small beach communities and beach homes of Mérida residents.
  5. Loltún Caves is south of Mérida in the Puuc region. Electric lighting and professional guides help travelers explore caves. When taken as a full day excursion, trip can be combined with stops at Pueblitos (small towns)—especially Maní, Ticul (famous for shoes and clay pottery), and Oxcutzcab.
  6. Uxmal is major archeological site South of Mérida in the Puuc region. Normally taken as a half-day excursion the tour includes the Light and Sound show. Light and Sound show covers a Mayan Legend as well as historical information.

NOTE: Dzibilchaltún and Progreso excursions can be done in two half days or together in one full day or one half day depending upon time allowed for swimming.  Loltún and Uxmal excursions can be taken together in one full day, two full days, or one full day and one half day when small town visits are omitted or additional archeological sites are added.

Izamal Yucatan

7.  Izamal Holy City:  The First Named “Magical Cities” of México 1:00PM departure from Institute.  Students arrive at the small town of Izamal in time for a nice lunch in the most authentic Yucatecan restaurant.  After lunch students explore the Mayan ruins located within the town.

The next stop on this walking tour is to visit the monastery and church made famous during the colonial times as the head of the Catholic church in Yucatan.  The Pope visited this city in 1986 and attracted hundreds of thousands of people.  The entire city of Izamal is painted egg-yolk yellow—the holy color for the Mayan people.

Tixcocob Hammock Village

8.  Tixcocob Hammock Tour: Students depart from the Institute of Modern Spanish at 1:00PM. Upon arrival to Tixcocob, the students visit a local cenote (sink hole), and have time to swim and eat a sack lunch (supplied by host family). A walking tour of the main square and church follows.

Students are invited into the home of a local family where the family explains how hammocks are made.  Students learn how the economy of the family and village are maintained through this industry. The students help the family prepare an evening meal of "Salbutes"--typical Yucatecan tacos. Transportation, evening meal, and refreshments included.

Sotuta de Peon YucatanSotuta de Peon

9.  Sotuta de Peón Working Hacienda: This excursion departs at 11:00AM for a fully restored and operational henequen plantation—living & working museum. Tour starts at 12:00 noon and includes a tour of the fully restored main house, an explanation of rope production from henequen (also known as sisal), and a tour of surrounding machinery buildings. The tour also includes a horse drawn platform ride through henequen fields to a semi-opened cenote for swimming.

Family Homestay Housing Information:
Family Homestay Housing includes a shared rooms in the home of a local host family and three meals per day.  For those traveling in a family—we will place you with a host family that have two or three rooms available for housing four to six people. For those traveling in other groups or larger families, we will place you in houses in the same neighborhood unless otherwise requested.  Group members select his/her roommate in advance. Homestay housing information including address, telephone number, and family information is provided prior to departure. Upgrading to a private room is US$35.00/week. Upgrading to a private room with its own bathroom is US$70.00/week.  Couples are placed in a shared room with its own bathroom when available.  Limited rooms with air conditioning are available at the rate of US$35.00/week/room.

Rates for children are as follows: (shared room housing & meals only)
Children 5 and under……………..


Children Ages 5 to 9……………...


Children 10 and over……………..


Additional Information for Families:
The Institute of Modern Spanish encourages families to travel and learn together. Not only do we cater to homeschool families (any time of the year), but to any family or small group with adults and children or teens that has the spirit to travel and learn together (especially during the summer months). Keep in mind that Mérida is a kid-friendly city with many restaurants and children’s shows, as well as a zoo and children’s art museum. There is always something for everyone. Mérida also has the lowest crime rate in Mexico, is isolated from political unrest, and excellent health care. Children over the age of 13 are welcomed to participate in regular study groups (which average only 3 persons/group) with adult learners and other teens, while we will make special teaching arrangements for younger students. Two class options for children ages 12 and under include:

  1. Enrollment in Institute of Modern Spanish classes. These classes can easily include not only Spanish language but also cooking, art, and dancing. The cost for is US$250.00/week for two children at the same level of Spanish instruction. Add US$125.00 per additional child. Contact the Institute of Modern Spanish for additional information.
  2. Enrollment in a private kindergarten or grade school program (JULY ONLY). There is one kindergarten (through age 6) within blocks of the Institute of Modern Spanish, and several other kindergarten and grade school programs in the area. Summer programs run during JULY. Regular school is still in session during May and June. There are programs available in August; however, there are fewer—so classes are generally more expensive. Four weeks of summer program at any school with childcare from 8AM to 1PM would cost about US$250.00/child.

Children that register in a local kindergarten/school are charged for housing only and are not scheduled into Institute of Modern Spanish classes, BUT DO NOT count in the total number of group participants needed for any discounts.

Homestay & Classes ONLY programs include: 20 hours of Spanish classes per week (9:00AM to 1:00PM Monday through Friday), shared rooms in the home of a local host family, three meals per day in the host family’s home, and a city tour. Suggested arrival and departures days are either Saturday or Sunday
before and after program dates.

School groups (high school and college-age students), sports groups, church groups, and social groups should begin planning, promoting, and organizing their trip to the Yucatán several months in advance. Most students will need sufficient time to work on  Fund-raising activities. A group organizer is responsible for organizing or advising group members about air transportation. And, students will need to apply for their United States Passport for travel outside of the United States. (Starting in 2007, a valid passport will be necessary for travel into Mexico.)  It is important that you contact the Institute of Modern Spanish as soon as you know tentative dates for your group in order to reserve your weeks(s). The Institute of Modern Spanish requires that such groups submit their registration forms along with their US$100.00 per student non-refundable deposit (applicable toward final payment) at least two months prior to the start date of the visit to Mérida . Registrations should be submitted together with housing requests noted. In the case of a student who is under the age of 18, his/her parent or guardian MUST sign the Policies & Conditions statement, which includes a commitment to our policy of ZERO TOLARANCE FOR UNDERAGE DRINKING. Fifty (50%) of final payment for group is due 10 days in advance of arrival, and the balance is due upon arrival in Mérida.  Please Download Registration Form:

The Institute of Modern Spanish understands the extra work and expense that organizing a group trip outside of the United States can be for the leader. We want to reward your effort and work for organizing groups as small as five students. We offer substantial benefits to group leaders, which include free or discounted homestay housing, free or discounted trips & excursions, and free or discounted classes as well as commissions in some cases. Our discount policy depends on number of students, length of stay, and program package type. So,  please contact the Institute for more information.

Request Further Information to Organize your Group

E-mail us or call us toll free
from U.S & Canada
Talk to Janese or Miguel Cerón
1-877-4MÉRIDA  (463-7432) 
Direct to Merida (52)(999)911-0790
See you in Mérida!

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