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Calle 15 #500B
X 16A y 18
Col. Maya
Local Telephone:
(999) 911-0790

Families in Merida Yucatan

QUERIDAS FAMILIAS: Because the Institute of Modern Spanish is a family-run business, we enjoy working with families. We are sure that our family--and your host family--as well as our family of teachers will make you feel very welcomed in Merida, Yucatan and at the Institute of Modern Spanish.

Please start your study journey by reviewing our general group information page which will explain special program options and discounted prices for groups of three of more.

Arrival Information:
STARTING JANAURY 1, 2007:  U.S. Citizens must hold a valid U.S. Passport for air travel to MEXICO.

In addition, United States Citizens under the age of 18 are required to carry a notarized permit from parent(s) or legal guardian(s). This permit will allow them to travel to Mexico, either alone or in the company of others. The letter can be worded as follows:

To whom in may concern:
I/We (name(s) of parent(s)), give permission to (name of child), to travel to and from Mexico. He/she will be traveling with (name of person) or alone. The purpose of his/her travel is to tour Yucatán and study Spanish. He/She will be staying with a local host family.

For more information about traveling to Mexico, please visit the following website sponsored by the US State Department: Tips for Travelers to Mexico

Family Homestay Housing Information for Families:
Family Homestay Housing includes a shared rooms in the home of a local host family and three meals per day.  For those traveling in a family—we will place you with a host family that have two or three rooms available for housing four to six people. For those traveling in other groups or larger families, we will place you in houses in the same neighborhood unless otherwise requested.  Group members select his/her roommate in advance. Homestay housing information including address, telephone number, and family information is provided prior to departure. Upgrading to a private room is US$35.00/week. Upgrading to a private room with its own bathroom is US$70.00/week.  Couples are placed in a shared room with its own bathroom when available.  Limited rooms with air conditioning are available at the rate of US$35.00/week/room.

Rates for children are as follows: (shared room housing & meals only)
Children under 5 ……………..


Children Ages 5 to 8 ……………...


Children 9 and over……………..


Additional Information for Families:
The Institute of Modern Spanish encourages families to travel and learn together. Not only do we cater to homeschool families (any time of the year), but to any family or small group with adults and children or teens that has the spirit to travel and learn together (especially during the summer months). Keep in mind that Mérida is a kid-friendly city with many restaurants and children’s shows, as well as a zoo and children’s art museum. There is always something for everyone. Mérida also has the lowest crime rate in Mexico, is isolated from political unrest, and excellent health care. Children over the age of 13 are welcomed to participate in regular study groups (which average only 3 persons/group) with adult learners and other teens, while we will make special teaching arrangements for younger students. Two class options for children ages 12 and under include:

  1. Enrollment in Institute of Modern Spanish classes. These classes can easily include not only Spanish language but also cooking, art, and dancing. The cost for is US$250.00/week for two children (or one) at the same level of Spanish instruction. Add US$125.00 per additional child. Contact the Institute of Modern Spanish for additional information.
  2. Enrollment in a private kindergarten or grade school program (JULY ONLY). There is one kindergarten (through age 6) within blocks of the Institute of Modern Spanish, and several other kindergarten and grade school programs in the area. Summer programs run during JULY. Regular school is still in session during May and June. There are programs available in August; however, there are fewer—so classes are generally more expensive. Four weeks of summer program at any school with childcare from 8AM to 1PM would cost about US$250.00/child.

Children that register in a local kindergarten/school are charged for housing only and are not scheduled into Institute of Modern Spanish classes, BUT DO NOT count in the total number of group participants needed for any discounts.

Learn Spanish in Mexico
Study Spanish in Mexico
The Institute of Modern Spanish has served over 6,000 students since 1995.
Spanish school in Mexico
study Spanish in Mexico
Only Spanish school in Mérida with its own van
for student transport.

Learn Spanish in Merida
Learn Spanish in Yucatan
Institute of Modern Spanish facility includes swimming pool and wireless internet.
study Spanish abroad
Learn Spanish in Mexico
Opened year-round including Spring Break and Winter Vacations.
Start any Monday.
We offer special educational tours with airfare included for groups of all ages.
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Learn Spanish in Mexico

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