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Calle 15 #500B
X 16A y 18
Col. Maya
Local Telephone:
(999) 911-0790

Merida Yucatan park
The form on this page is to request general information about the Institute of Modern Spanish for yourself (and/or for a friend). Other more specific information request forms on this website are:

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Learn Spanish in Mexico
Study Spanish in Mexico
The Institute of Modern Spanish has served over 6,000 students since 1995.
Spanish school in Mexico
study Spanish in Mexico
Only Spanish school in Mérida with its own van
for student transport.

Learn Spanish in Merida
Learn Spanish in Yucatan
Institute of Modern Spanish facility includes swimming pool and wireless internet.
study Spanish abroad
Learn Spanish in Mexico
Opened year-round including Spring Break and Winter Vacations.
Start any Monday.
We offer special educational tours with airfare included for groups of all ages.
Major Credit
Cards Accepted

Credit Cards

Learn Spanish in Mexico

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