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Calle 15 #500B
X 16A y 18
Col. Maya
Local Telephone:
(999) 911-0790

Mexico flags: Merida
Arrival Information:

SINCE JANAURY 1, 2007:  U.S. Citizens must hold a valid U.S. Passport for air travel to MEXICO.

Students can enjoy convenient & economic travel directly into the city of Merida, Yucatan to the Manuel Crecencio Renjon Airport (MID) from the U.S. cities of Atlanta, GA (Delta Airlines), Houston, TX (Continental Airlines) and Miami, FL or from the Mexican cities of Mexico City (D.F.) and Cancun, among others. Students can also combine their travel to Merida with a short visit to the Cancun/Riviera Maya area (Playa del Carmen & Tulum) by flying into Cancun and taking a bus to Merida. Information about all options--direct arrival to Merida, arrival via Cancun, Mexico , and cruise ships via Progreso, Yucatan--is included on this page.

Note: We suggest that you arrive the Saturday before you start classes on Monday and depart the Sunday after classes end on a Friday. Alternative arrival and departure days can be accommodated.

Arrival in Mérida via Mérida International Airport
Direct flights from U.S. to Mérida Manuel Crecencio Renjon Airport (MID) are from Atlanta, GA (Delta Airlines), Houston, TX (Continental Airlines) and Miami, FL and from the Mexican cities of Mexico City (D.F.) and Cancun, among others.

Priceline Flights

Many students have found the best international airfare rates with the following companies that specialize in providing low cost air travel to international destinations--especially Mexico. Remember to type MID (Merida, Mexico) as your destination:

Continental Airlines flies from Houston, Texas direct, non-stop to Mérida, Yucatán. The only flights are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays--arriving to Mérida around 10:30PM. Many students are concerned that this is a late hour to arrive at a host family's home. However, since most activities are late evening in Mérida, the host families do not consider it inconvenient to pick up a student arriving
late on this flight.

Delta Airlines flies from Atlanta, Georgia direct, non-stop to Mérida, Yucatán. Delta has several weekly flights. These flights arrive and depart at convenient hours. Round trip rates are low—around US$470.00.

Mexican airlines that service the Mérida airport include AeroMexico and Mexicana.

  • AeroMexico flies out of the following US cities: Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Diego, Tucson, New Orleans, New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. All flights, except the ones leaving from Miami, require a plane change in Mexico City.
  • Mexicana flies from the following US cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Miami, New York, San Antonio, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, Toronto and Montreal. All flights, except from Miami, require a plane change in Mexico City.

All the above airlines--and those into Cancun--are represented by Air, Economy Travel, and Travelocity.

Note: We suggest that you arrive the Saturday before you start classes on Monday. This is to give you time to meet your host family and get settled for your stay. Should you need to arrive before Saturday, a small additional charge for extra housing days will apply. You are welcomed to stay at your host family's home until the Sunday after your program ends at the Institute. Please let us know if you will be staying longer, so we can advise your host family that you will need additional days of room and board. There is an extra charge for additional days.

Please provide us with your flight itinerary if you wish for us to arrange for airport pick-up. Airport pick-up carries a US$10.00 charge payable with your program payment. You are responsible for arranging return trip to airport. Host families can assist you in arranging taxi transportation when you depart.

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Cruise Ship (ferry) service is available from October through April with a shipping company.  The departure city from the United States is Tampa, Florida.  Arrival is 36 hours later in the port town of Progreso, Yucatán.  The cruise ship company provides transport into Mérida (about 20 minutes).  Upon arrival in Mérida, students should take a taxi to their host family’s home. This route will be changing companies and is scheduled to reopen in 2007.

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Mexico Vacation Deals

Arrival to Mérida via Bus from Cancun
Many students save money on airfares by flying into Cancun with such companies as Cheap Caribbean, Sunburst Vacations, and Vacation Outlet and taking a bus to Mérida. The taxis from Cancun airport to the local bus station are not inexpensive (US$40-US$45). However, the collective taxi plus bus fares are more economical (US$10-US$15). The collective taxi buses will normally drop people by hotels before finally arriving at the bus station. The best bus lines servicing Cancun-Mérida are UNO, ADO, and ADO-GL. The next best bus lines are Super Expesso and Elite. These bus lines are first class (air conditioned with bathroom and TV) with minor differences. i.e. UNO has larger seats with more leg room while Elite's seats are a bit smaller.

TicketbusAs the time of departure might be more important than the minor differences, any of these bus lines are fine. The bus ride Cancun-Mérida costs around US$20-US$35 and takes between 3 and 4 hours. The length of the trip depends on if the trip is direct non-stop or direct with a stop at the Valladolid rest area. The schedule for UNO, ADO, and ADO-GL is available online at Ticketbus. Ticketbus lists two departure points for Cancun--the airport and the main bus station and two arrival points in Merida--CAME (downtown bus station) and the Fiesta Americana hotel. While departing from the airport is most convenient, there are fewer departure times. Either arrival point in Merida is fine--the Fiesta Americana arrival point is slightly closer to host family's homes.

Upon your arrival in Mérida, you will take a taxi from the bus station to your host family’s home for US$6-US$10. Before your departure, please advise the Institute of your anticipated arrival date and time into Mérida, so your host family can be expecting you. Be sure you have your host family's complete address (including Colonia) for the taxi driver.

If you need a one-night stay in Cancun due to a late PM arrival or an early AM departure, we recommend the Best Western Plaza Caribe which is just across the street from the bus station. Check availability, rates, and read what other travelers have to say about Best Western Plaza Caribe.

Many students plan to arrive mid-week into Cancun and enjoy the Riviera Maya area (Playa del Carmen & Tulum) before taking a bus to Merida on the weekend or leave mid-week after their studies in order to enjoy a few days at the beach before returning home.

Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other
travelers have to say about hotels in Yucatan Peninsula
--Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Tulum...

Some students--especially those travelling in a small group or family--have rented a car in Canun to drive the "super-highway" to Merida. Tolls on this quota road are around US$40.00/car. Check out availability and rates on Budget Rental Cars at the Cancun Airport.

Be sure and purchase a good Yucatan peninsula road map before departing. Purchase map of the Yucatan.

Great deals are found through companies that specialize in travel to VACATION spots which offers discounted rates, free nights, kids travel free and more. These companies can do airfare only or combine your airfare with a discount hotel deal. The best are: Cheap Caribbean, Sunburst Vacations, and Vacation Outlet. Remember to type CUN (Cancun, Mexico) as your destination.

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Learn Spanish in Mexico
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