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Our Language Learning Philosophy

...a new concept of learning...

The Institute of Modern Spanish is based on a new concept of learning called Integrated Language Learning. Our programs integrate Spanish language education with a unique cultural experience with family homestay. By replacing memorization of grammar rules with a total cultural experience, we enable our students to leave our programs with a knowledge of Spanish that is practical, culturally applicable, and long-lasting. Our programs explore the language as it is used in today's Spanish speaking communities.

...the best method of teaching the Spanish...

Our faculty are experienced in teaching all levels of students--from beginners to the most advanced. Our courses integrate all aspects of language learning--speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We feel that this is the best method of teaching the Spanish language as it is used in today's world. Furthermore, we use a variety of language teaching methods to ensure that all learning styles are met.

...we are devoted to Mexican culture and history...

At our institute students will learn the Spanish language by communicating with native speakers because we want to give our students a deeper understanding of the Spanish-speaking civilizations. While native culture is emphasized at the elementary and intermediate levels, at the upper-intermediate and advanced levels we offer such courses as Spanish - American Literature and Spanish for Business which incorporate aspects of the entire Latin American world. Also, we are devoted to teaching the history and culture of Mexico.

...small group learning with real communication...

For Spanish language instruction, we place students of similar language ability levels in groups of no more than five. Often times there are as few as one or two students to a teacher. Our goal is to give you tools with which you will be able to communicate in Spanish, not just answer grammar questions about the language. Therefore, small group learning in which real communication takes place is essential. Individual placement tests are given the first day of classes to ensure all students are placed an appropriate level. Furthermore, you are not obligated to stay at the same level for the entirety of your program.

...language and culture are inseparable...

We believe language and culture are inseparable. While cultural classes are designed for intermediate and advanced students and, therefore, are presented in Spanish, some cultural classes may be presented in English when demand exists. This ensures all students have the opportunity to learn more about the local and national culture. As these classes are opened to all interested students, they may have more than five students per class. Availability of cultural classes is dependent on enrollment. Normally, two different cultural classes will be available to choose from.

...Spanish is the method for all communication...

We discourage use of students' native languages. Spanish is the method for all communication. Although our faculty and staff are bilingual, unless there is an emergency, they will speak Spanish with you and you will do the same with them.

Institute of Modern Spanish
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Learn Spanish in Mexico
Study Spanish in Mexico
The Institute of Modern Spanish has served over 6,000 students since 1995.
Spanish school in Mexico
study Spanish in Mexico
Only Spanish school in Mérida with its own van
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Institute of Modern Spanish facility includes swimming pool and wireless internet.
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Opened year-round including Spring Break and Winter Vacations.
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We offer special educational tours with airfare included for groups of all ages.
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